River Roots

42 Day Guide Training & Leadership Development Program

$10,595 CAD + HST  |  Huntsville, ON

Our Program

River Roots is a 42-day Guide Training & Leadership Development Program based out of Huntsville, Ontario with a focus on Whitewater Canoeing.  At the end of six short weeks grads are employable in the outdoor adventure tourism industry, having completed 5+ certifications, a 21-day James Bay Expedition and many workshops focusing on both hard and soft skills.  Not to mention all of the networking opportunities provided.

Our Goal

The goal of the River Roots Program is to create a learning opportunity for students to become certified, well rounded outdoor professionals.

Your end goal may be to enter a career in outdoor education or backcountry guiding, to seek personal growth, to gain certifications and experience, to go on an epic adventure or have stories to last a lifetime.

Push Your Limits

River Roots is an incredible experience where students must be ready and willing to learn experientially, be pushed to the edge of their comfort zone everyday, challenge their physical and emotional being and be fully present for 42 days.

Upcoming Training Dates


Apr 24, 2025 - Jun 04, 2025

Apr 30, 2026 - Jun 11, 2026


10 Spots Available

10 Spots Available

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10 Spots Available